Born in 1981

You do the math to figure out how old this continuous physical body is.

So today is my birthday and the days leading up to it have just made me feel plain old. Yes yes, I know, we are all getting older, but this just feels... well... different.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to do some gardening. A great feat in itself as I never had an amount of land that I could actually garden until recently. So long story short, I throw out my back trying to dig out a space for the new plants to go in. What have all those core and back exercises at kickboxing been for then? I guess exercise just isn't good enough anymore, you're getting old woman!!

Here is start of garden 2.0.

So I take it easy for a couple of weeks, back is feeling relatively normal again. 

Last weekend we go on a short weekend trip to the Isle of Wight. We do an 8 mile walk. I've got my hiking shoes on that have proved not to be very good after hours to trying to 'break them in' and make my knee hurt. My knee hurts in the evening and we decide to go trampolining the next morning. I figure if my knee still hurts the next morning, it's only £10 lost, so not the end of the world. Here is a nice little video of our walk. I should also mention that we both were suffering colds/flu/manflu leading up to this. Amazing how a little sunshine and fresh air can wash all your cares away (or there is just no video or photos of me snotting into my tissue).



The next morning my knee feels fine, my bad back a distant memory. We go trampolining for an hour. I do flips into the foam pit. We are 2 out of 3 people in the whole place meant for 50. Weeeeeeeeeeee, bouncy bouncy! Btw. trampolining is really tiring!

We've got a couple of hours to kill before catching the ferry back to the mainland. We go to The Needles and check out the views there. We walk down to the beach with the multi-coloured sand and my knee is feeling something funny. I'm hobbling a bit but I'm pushing on because damnit I'm an active person and I won't let a little knee pain stop me! Next is to walk back up from the beach to the cliff top for the views there. Another hour or so of walking and I'm done. Slightly limping, but feeling good in a general 'been out and about with nature' kind of way. The weekend's been great, the weather's been great and well there's not much to complain about. Except wars and famine and climate change and rape and other bad stuff. But you can't let it get you down as much as you let it. 

But I digress. This could all be a coincidence. I've been afflicted with physical ailments in the past and haven't attributed it to the irreversible damages caused by the arrow of time. We all age and that is inevitable. But to say that we are 'past our prime' or 'over the hill' implies that no further improvements could or should be attempted and that is just crock of shite. In the days leading up to this day, my birthday I've been feeling a bit of, 'waaa, I've got a bad back, knee, with a snotty nose and feel absolutely knackered by 3pm, I'm gettin ooooldddd!'. I've given in to the fact that I'm getting older and my body might not work as well as it did, but that's ok. Things change and I might just have to work a little bit harder and be a little bit wiser. What's wrong with that? Sometimes it's easier to feel sorry for oneself but really all one can do is to keep moving. I've got a dodgy knee and a weak back and a cold, but I'm just going to rest my knee and my back and take care of myself and little by little my strength will come back. And life will continue on. 

There is something about being officially out of my 'early 30s' and starting into my 'late 30s' but that's just all in my head. We age day by day, minute by minute, moment by moment. It is always changing. We tend to compare ourselves to yesterday or 10 years ago and 10 years from now we will be saying about how good things were compared to now, that we just might as well appreciate what we've got right now! I am what I am and that's just what it is.

Oh, and I found out that today is National Beer Day in America.