One humanity

It's not often that I get crazy spam email but a part of me thinks that this person was serious and so I had to respond to it to try to explain the ludicrousness of it. Here is the email [my comments in bracets]:


"Dear Elite Members of In the Loop [hmm, ya..],
It is a rare occasion for me to disagree with any President’s decisions; however, now more than ever, we as Americans should not allow thousands of Syrian refugees into our country. This is clearly a mistake. In light of the most recent terrorist attacks around the world, I feel even more strongly about allowing thousands of refugees into the United States. It is possible that ISIS can send a terrorist disguised as a refugee, and we would be letting them right into our back door. Let's not give them a free pass into our country. A clean record without any information does not mean anything [cool, so let's just lock everyone away!]. A terrorist has to start somewhere [ya probably as a Syrian refugee that feels like the Western world doesn't give a shit about them by not helping out their fellow people]. Let's not allow them to build a resume in the United States. We need to band together to protect our country from the terror that ISIS causes. Be safe and stay In the Loop[y in the head]."


My response to everyone in the email as well as to the original creator of the email:

"How about we kick out all the white kids too because they can't be trusted to live with other white kids because they might bring a gun to school and kill everyone!

And while we're at it kick out all the black people because they do drugs and rape. And all the Hispanics too because they're gang bangers and will drive by your house and shoot you.

Why don't we just all leave and give the lands back to the native Americans, no that won't work either they're dirty drunks!

Oh my!"


And then his gracious response:

Valid point but in light of the terrorist situation imagine you and your husband and kids eating at a restaurant a terrorist walks in and kills your entire family except you and it's a person sent to kill Americans no record nice kid stayed off the radar #1 the president of Syria is a terrorist he will send murder like Castro did he the president of Syria hates Americans so we both have points that are valid I enjoy our freedom and don't won't to be wondering if I will be shot. Your thoughts are welcome

Happy Sunday my sister


And my respectful retort:

I find it more likely that I would be sitting in a restaurant and a car full of Mexicans drives by intending to kill a fellow gang banger in the restaurant and we get caught in the crossfire. Am I going to want to lock up all the Mexicans now just in case one of them does it again? So if the situation of a nice kid with no record came in a shot up my family in a terrorist attack of course I would be devastated. I would want to know what caused such hate in his heart but then wouldn't have ill feelings towards all the thousands of nice kids who stayed off the radar and became doctors and nurses and care takers and scientists and who made a positive change in someone else's life. Wouldn't you be glad that you gave them an opportunity to live up to their full potential? 

Truth is, ISIS terrorists aren't stupid and are probably in the country already and will find a way in no matter what. Some are probably already American citizens with a clean record but what are we going to do about them? In all seriousness what use it is then to deny the help to millions of innocent people who are just trying to survive like the rest of us. What we should be doing is extending a hand so show that the US isn't the heartless, soulless, heathen country that the ISIS terrorists think it is. What we should be doing is helping our fellow human beings, which I give Obama kudos for doing.




These Famous People Were Refugees

As the Syrian refugee debate rages on, it’s humbling to remember some of the refugees who went on to make this country [USA] — and others — great.